From the end of March 1998 SPANOS card was created that brought new facts in the area of the Dodecanese. SPANOS card has 45.000 members at the moment, who enjoy the privilege of many great gifts at frequent time periods. Spanos card Spanos card is very simple to use. With every purchase of 4.00€ from our shops 1 point is added to your Spanos card, with purchases of 8.00€ 2 points are added etc. We you collect 200 points you automatically receive a gift voucher of 6.00€ from our cash desks, which you can use in your next buys as well as participation for our drawing. Finally as a member of SPANOS card you can participate in our drawings which take place often and in frequent time periods in our shops, with great gifts. How can you get Spanos Card: A) From the cash desk, you can fill in the relevant application, B) Electronically, by selecting the shop that you wish to receive it and filling the following form:

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